RDH Technical Bulletin No. 002: Real Energy Savings from Windows Upgrades


This RDH Technical Bulletin covers the thermal improvements, improved airtightness, and measured energy savings that resulted from upgrading windows in two 1970s vintage residential concrete towers.

As energy costs for existing buildings continue to increase, solutions are needed to manage costs and energy consumption. Energy upgrades are sometimes implemented to reduce energy costs in high-consumption buildings. This bulletin explores RDH's findings when energy upgrades were implemented in the two adjoining towers of a high-rise multi-unit residential building. 

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How to reference this bulletin:

Real Energy Savings from Windows Upgrades, RDH Technical Bulletin No. 002. RDH Building Science Inc., May 2009. https://learnbuildingscience.com/products/rdh-bulletin-real-energy-savings-from-windows-upgrades.