RDH Technical Bulletin No. 005: Effective U-values (R-values) for Tapered Insulation


This RDH Technical Bulletin covers the theory and calculation methods used to develop tables of effective R-values for tapered insulation.

As energy codes become more stringent and better enforced, it will become more important to properly calculate effective roof assembly U-values (R-values) for compliance. One area where effective U-values are commonly misunderstood is tapered insulation for low-slope roofs or at the eaves of sloped roofs.

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Effective U-values (R-values) for Tapered Insulation, RDH Technical Bulletin No. 005. RDH Building Science Inc., February 2011. https://learnbuildingscience.com/products/rdh-bulletin-effective-u-values-r-values-for-tapered-insulation.