Rainscreens: When, Where, and Why?


What This Presentation Covers:

In this session, Dr. John Straube reminds us why rainscreens continue to be a topic of industry discussion. This session reaches back to the basics of design to explore the definition and five fundamental parts of a rainscreen before taking learners through a regional exploration of when, where, and why rainscreen technology is appropriate for different building exposures and typologies. This session is introductory enough for newcomers to appreciate but detailed enough to remind seasoned professionals why we continue to use this technology and the pitfalls to avoid when implementing this design approach. This course also includes a recommended reading and resource list for rainscreen design compiled by John and the Learn Building Science team. 

 You'll Learn About:

  • A rainscreen and its five fundamental parts.
  • When and where rainscreens are used.
  • Common errors made when designing and installing a rainscreen.
  • How continuous insulation impacts rainscreen design.


  • Format: 1 hour recording, reading list, and quiz. Downloadable slides are included.
  • Audience: Anyone interested in building science or looking to sharpen their understanding of enclosure design will enjoy this event, including students and seasoned design professionals alike. This session applies to projects throughout the US and Canada (and beyond) of all sizes and types.

Continuing Education Credits: 

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