May 2022 — PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder Training (Seattle In-Person)



To be certified, you must complete an exam, which has a separate fee. Exam information is here.

Date, Time, and Location

May 9, 12, 16, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Location of course delivery is at the Triple Bottom Line Construction facility.

Full Program:

Phase I: An 8-hour online, self-paced prep course completed prior to Phase II.

Phase II: Three full days of in-class instruction, plus an 8-hour online prep course, on the following days: May 9, 12, and 16 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Central Time.

A total of approximately 32 hours of course content (Phase I + Phase II)

Course Highlights

  • General passive house principles
  • Classroom and field focus on enclosure issues
  • HVAC considerations and testing
  • Cost optimization/bidding
  • QA/QC process


CPHBs are listed on the PHIUS online database of Certified Builders and are licensed to use the PHIUS Certified Builder logo and accompanying recommended language. To become a PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder, trainees must:

  • Complete and return the qualifying exam within 3 weeks of completing class (exam requires separate registration, see information here).
  • Earn a passing grade of 75%.

Continuing Education:

Completion of this course qualifies trainees for the following credits:

  • AIA: 32.5 hours of HSW Learning Units
  • BPI: 12.75 CEU
  • CPHC: 32.5 CEU

    Organizers: PHIUS & RDH Building Science

    The PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder training program is administered by RDH Building Science Inc., one of the leading building science consulting firms within the United States and Canada. This training has been developed by PHIUS in conjunction with RDH's training and publication professionals, who are dedicated to sharing RDH's building science and enclosure design knowledge with the industry.

    PHIUS Certified Builders Training: Passive House Alliance U.S.

    Visit the Certified Passive House Builder Training home page for more information on the cancellation and rescheduling policy.