E-Learning Course: Best Practice Enclosure Design for Mass Timber Buildings


What this Training Covers:

Interest is growing in mass timber products to diversify the use of wood as a building material within mid-rise and high-rise construction. Architects and developers are attracted to mass timber for many reasons, including the construction speed of mass timber projects, the opportunity for carbon sequestration, and the aesthetic appeal of mass timber construction. The use of mass timber also brings some challenges not faced by more conventional building systems and enclosure products that require the designer to apply careful attention and additional foresight to mass timber projects.

This self-paced e-learning course is designed to educate the industry on best practice enclosure design principles for mass timber enclosures, including roofs, walls, balconies, and floor/soffit conditions. Key topics include building enclosure control layers, mass timber enclosure design applications and detailing, fire protection, and best practices for water, air, thermal, and water vapor control in mass timber projects.

This course also includes a digital pdf of the Mass Timber Building Enclosure Best Practice Design Guide v2.

By the end of this training, learners will have the ability to:

  • Explain why the thoughtful design of a mass timber building enclosure requires consideration of all environmental loads imposed on the enclosure over its expected service life.
  • Identify typical wall and roof assembly designs appropriate for mass timber enclosures in different climate zones within the US and Canada.
  • Apply the concept of enclosure control layers when detailing mass timber enclosure assemblies.
  • Summarize best practices for controlling the water, air, thermal, and water vapor loads on a mass timber enclosure.
  • Outline the key design considerations necessary for fire protection of mass timber enclosures to attain the appropriate level of safety required by local building and fire codes.  
  • Explain why higher-performing mass timber enclosure systems often rely on the use of varying levels of prefabrication.


  • Format:  E-learning course + quiz. 
  • Audience: This course will be of interest to designers, construction professionals, and building developers across the US and Canada who are interested in growing their knowledge of best practice design methods for mass timber buildings.

Continuing Education Credits: