About learnbuildingscience.com

Sharing Knowledge and Solving Problems

Learnbuildingscience.com is an online platform presented by RDH Building Science Inc. (RDH) that provides people from all over North America an opportunity to learn from extraordinarily talented building science specialists. We aim to share knowledge in an affordable and accessible way and encourage the industry to learn, innovate, and continue to find new ways to make buildings better.

Sharing our knowledge with the industry has been a deep commitment since RDH began in 1997. The new learnbuildingscience.com platform provides us a broader opportunity to share knowledge and make all buildings better.

On learnbuildingscience.com, you will find lessons from the best in the industry as they share their stories, advice, key learnings, failures, and successes. Our instructors are passionate about building science, and we hope that passion shines through. For us, building science underpins everything that we do: we see it as an area of professional practice that integrates building physics with the art of design and the practical challenges of construction.

Learnbuildingscience.com is our home for webinars, online courses, live events, products, and more. We hope you find our resources valuable. Happy learning!