About learnbuildingscience.com

learningbuildingscience.com is a project of RDH Building Science Laboratories, a division of RDH Building Science Inc.

RDH-BSL conducts research on a range of topics in field settings and in our state-of-the-art facilities in Waterloo, Ontario, and Vancouver, BC. Our research reflects the practical insights gained from working with real buildings, and with other practitioners, as building science consultants and educators, across North America and around the world.

We believe in sharing knowledge, and began running LAB (Learning About Building Science) Events as a way of sharing our research with architects, engineers, and anyone interested in building science. LAB Events are run monthly as live events (in-person at our lab in Waterloo and broadcast live online).

This site was developed to make archived LAB Events more accessible and to collect some of our other related resources. We hope you find it useful! Please feel free to share your feedback and ideas for further development through our contact form.