Live LAB Events

Learning About Building Science (LAB) Events begin as live (and often lively!) monthly events hosted by RDH Building Science Laboratories. LAB Events are training and networking opportunities intended for architects, engineers, and anyone interested in building science. They are interactive and casual – our goal is to take high-quality research and building science principles and make them fun!

We hold LAB Events at our laboratory in Waterloo, Ontario, and webcast them live for those outside the local area. You can find the links to register below. Recordings of popular and important presentations can be found in our on-demand LAB Events courses. If you’ve attended a recent LAB Event and are looking for the slides, a link will be sent by email. You can also check

Details about continuing education credits are available on event registration pages.

September 19 – Learning from Failures: Forensics, Research, and Building Performance

What have we learned from building failures – and how have we learned it? Forensic investigations can lead to new insights and new questions, and ultimately help develop or improve materials and systems. In this presentation, Chris Schumacher will discuss the research approaches and test methods used to answer questions like:

How much rainwater enters an open-jointed cladding system and how does it drain out?

How much water can be trapped in the space between exterior insulation and a WRB?

What caused blisters to appear under waterproofing membranes on some concrete decks?

In-person only (Waterloo, Ontario), 5:30-7:30pm EDT:
Online (live webcast from Waterloo, Ontario), 5:45-7:15pm EDT:

October – Walls Through the Years

How have walls (and wall research) changed? In October, Randy Van Straaten and Trevor Trainor will take a look back and share their insights.

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